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We are an online media agency specializing in social media strategy and management. Whether you’re looking for a trusted agency to build a thriving social community or help customizing a social media roadmap to run the show on your own – sōsh is the partner for you. In addition, we offer comprehensive event planning and promotion services to showcase your business offline, too.

Why sōsh? The best way to create a strong brand on social media is to make your business engaging and relatable. At sōsh, we strive to create personal relationships by humanizing our clients’ brands, socially. We’re constantly learning and pushing the boundaries of social as you know it. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

Facebook’s New Ad Campaign Structure, Organization & Optimization

This month Facebook began rolling out a new way to organize and optimize Facebook ad campaigns with the introduction of Ad Sets. Instead of just two levels there are now three: Campaigns, the new ad sets, and ads. By March 30, 2014, everyone is expected to be migrated. Don’t worry – Facebook tells us that the migration will not change the delivery, spend, reporting or performance of ads in any existing campaigns.

The change is receiving well-deserved comparisons to the organization of Adwords. Ad sets are intended to represent the audience segment you want to reach through each campaign. In turn, the ad sets contain the individual ads targeted to that common audience target, but delivering different images, links, and copy, for example.

FB-adsetsIdeally, this new organization will help Facebook advertisers to more easily identify which ads are resonating with each audience, turning off ads and ad sets with low conversion rates, reallocating advertising budgets more effectively, and creating more optimized campaigns as a result. These are all concerns that sōsh addresses for our clients and with improved organization, we’re hopeful that this change will mean even greater efficiency in our ad management.

Another feature that we, and many Facebook advertisers, will appreciate is the ability to track how much has been spent for a campaign across all its ad sets and ads through a spend meter.

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Johnsonville Big Taste Grill

Johnsonville Big Taste Grill: Social-to-Real-Life Connections

Goal: At the heart of sōsh’s work with Johnsonville are Johnsonville’s fans. We use social media to recognize and appreciate their loyal fans and strengthen their relationship with the Johnsonville brand. One way we achieve this is by connecting Johnsonville’s social fans with a Big Taste Grill VIP experience when the World’s Largest Grill rolls into their area… Read More

Sōsh in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel stopped by to chat with our fearless leaders. Check out the Q&A and meet Michelle and Jeanette. Photo by: Michael Sears More than a decade ago, Michelle D’Attilio and Jeanette Pham started a website development business from their homes. In early 2009, they joined Twitter to explore whether social media could help… Read More