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Michelle D'Attilio Wins International Women Entrepreneur Award

Sōsh CEO Michelle D'Attilio won a women's entrepreneur award—here is her entry.

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Here for you. Here for each other.

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The Future of Marketing

The future of marketing lies in the [Social Impact] actions you take today.

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Influencer Marketing

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What We’re Doing!

What the heck is the sōsh up to this month?!

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How I Deal with Fear as a Leader and Entrepreneur

Fear. It’s not something to be scared of—it’s necessary for growth as professionals and people.

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Strauss Brands

Better marketing for a better brand of beef.

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Does Your Audience Really Want Authenticity?

Keep it real, or cultivate a cookie-cutter brand image? Here’s what we think.

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Can ChatGPT Replace My Marketing Team?

A.I. programs are getting smarter and real marketing teams like us are wondering if robots could replace us.


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Digital Advertising Common Image Size Guidelines 2024

A guide that outlines size guidelines for common images in digital advertising!