Accelerated Clinical Labs

Advertising Safety over Everything

Schooling COVID-19

Accelerated Clinical Laboratories is committed to providing quick, accurate classroom COVID-19 test results to Wisconsin schools. As healthcare professionals and parents, they know how important it is for kids to be in school and stay in school, safely. Accelerated Clinical Laboratories has provided school districts the support they need to regularly test students for COVID-19 to keep virus transmission, anxiety, and costs low.

Every hero needs a sidekick, and you found one in Accelerated Clinical Labs. We can help you stay ahead of COVID-19 transmission with our “A+ssurance” Cohort Testing Program.

Testing out sōsh Skills in Marketing

Sōsh’s goal was simple: create branding around testing for COVID-19 in Wisconsin schools to ultimately raise brand awareness and inspire interest in Accelerated Clinical Laboratories’ pool testing. Our key messaging strategy centered around opening schools safely in the fall is essential—and staying ahead of COVID-19 transmission is possible with regular cohort testing. We put together a detailed strategy that included key branding elements, ad campaigns, radio and video spots, landing page development, and reporting. We successfully created a bright and playful brand that made the overall message easy to digest.

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3!

  • 54.7% of people who tested positive did not have symptoms at the time of testing. 49.6% of people who tested positive did not know who they may have contracted the virus from.
  • Generally, the FDA authorizes at-home test kits with a shelf life of about four to six months, but that shelf life could be extended if the manufacturer finds more data that shows the tests are still accurate past the expiration date.
  • Sōsh created a fresh and updated landing page experience specifically for this branch of the Accelerated Labs brand.