Brand identity development, social media strategy & advertising, community management

Sosh is the creative connoisseur behind both the brand identity and social media marketing efforts of the new jewelry company, Aurifame, Inc. From logo creation and mission/vision inception to social media marketing strategy and execution, sosh developed a complete brand look and feel that encapsulated a feeling of a luxury brand that offers designer jewelry that is attainable for every fashionista.

Sosh carefully crafted a brand concept from a diamond in the rough and helped raise brand awareness and desire for the final polished luxury jewelry brand.

At sosh, we believe that a captivating brand starts from the ground up. Without an intriguing mission statement and logo, the entire brand identity creation is destined to fail. We worked extensively with the team at Aurifame to develop the perfectly polished logo, color scheme, and brand positioning statements to kick off a successful social media launch campaign.

Sparkling Stats

  • Surpassed 1,220,000 impressions
  • 87% of web traffic was driven from social media advertisements
  • Complete brand identity creation