Berceuse Parfum

Developing brand strategy and awareness

Helping new brands find their voice and share it with the world is one of our favorite things to do. Berceuse, a new high-end fragrance house, was searching for a partner to help them set the tone and strike the right chord with its audience from the prelude. We began the process by connecting with the ownership team, listening to their story and getting familiar with the pieces of music they were fashioning each of their scents after. From there, carefully crafting the brand purpose, value proposition, and articulating brand tone of voice set the rhythm for the brand marketing strategy. 

A marketing strategy for Berceuse needed to be perfectly composed to meet its audience where they were, to captivate them and intrigue their artistic sensibilities. Both a short-term and long-term strategy were laid forth, orchestrated across various media channels.

The Crescendo 

  • Developed brand guidelines to ensure content across platforms met brand standards
  • Ads were the strongest source of website traffic as we built brand awareness
  • In the first month after launch, conversion ads drove a 6.69 return on ad spend