Brand identity, social media strategy & advertising, community management

Banana-bo-banna, fe-fi-fo-fanna, Bofanna! Real fruit. Pure dairy cream. Low calorie. Gluten free. Probiotic rich. If that isn't Happiness & Goodness on a Stick™, we don't know what is! The sōsh team created a new online brand for Bofanna, including a complete brand identity and targeted consumer profiles. Their fresh new brand voice and brand design will be reflected in the social media and online advertising strategy we curated for Facebook and Instagram. We know both new and old fans will cherry-ish the new emojional and punny Bofanna brand.

Sosh mixed up a refreshing online rebrand for these fruit and cream bars to increase brand awareness and drive in-store sales.

We believe a clear and defined strategy is imperative to success. Our goal for Bofanna is to attract customers by capturing anyone who is currently aware of Bofanna and bringing them into the fold with the utilization of on and off page ads that are strategically targeted to build brand awareness. Daily community management helps us reach and engage consumers about the product, and monthly analytic reports helps us gauge where we are at and if we need to pivot our approach.


Delicious Details

  • Developed a tasty new look and feel to increase brand awareness in a market they have claimed as their own
  • Continually raising the bar – the Bofanna bar – in the fruit and cream bar market space
  • Coordinated and executed a styled photoshoot