Brass Light Gallery

Content Marketing for a Luxury Brand


Sōsh teamed up with a local high-end lighting fixture company to expand brand awareness. We worked to educate, engage, and build trust with customers by providing value through thoughtful content marketing.

Their sales lit up! Brass Light Gallery’s order placement increased by 18.5%.

The Brass Tacks

Brass Light Gallery connected with sōsh to boost their online presence as a quality purveyor of domestically made lights. The company is unique for their alabaster and historically-inspired brass fixtures. They are one of only a few in the industry that handcraft these styles of light fixtures using North American brass and genuine hand-carved alabaster. Prior to engaging sōsh, people tended to hear about them through word of mouth, but once they became a customer they were so delighted many bought additional fixtures. However, as a luxury brand, Brass Light Gallery recognized that they needed to better hone in on a very specific target customers while expanding their reach nationally in order to grow their business.  

Enlightening Solution

Sōsh worked with Brass Light Gallery to create a robust content marketing strategy that included website design and educational blog post development paired with email marketing and social media campaigns. The goal was to help establish Brass Light Gallery as an industry leader in luxury lighting by providing valuable content for their customer base while differentiating them from lesser-quality products that flood the market, convincing potential customers that Brass Light Gallery fixtures are worth the investment. 

Glowing Results

Through our social marketing strategy sōsh helped Brass Light Gallery get 27.65 million social impressions. We also drove a 209% growth in website sessions through thoughtful content marketing. Their sales lit up, too! Brass Light Gallery’s order placement increased by 18.5%.