Buon! Per Te

Full-Stack Marketing for a Specialty Ice Cream Brand

Flavor Profile

Suffield Foods, maker of a health-conscious ice cream, approached sōsh because they wanted to reshape their existing brand. This relationship evolved to include full-stack marketing services to elevate the brand and help them connect with their target audience.

Buon! Per Te™ Ice Cream has been gaining enthusiastic fans on social media!

The Scoop

The ice cream company needed to form a whole new brand identity, one that aligned both with their corporate values and their target customer. As a new company, they also needed to find a way to get themselves established in the competitive freezer section of grocery and C stores. 

Solving Brain Freeze

Sōsh worked with Suffield Foods to rebrand their ice cream company with a new name — Buon! Per Te — which means “good for you” in Italian. As a way to stand out from other specialty ice cream brands, we designed sophisticated packaging with a black and Tiffany-blue color palette. Our team built a streamlined website to inform and delight their customers. In-store marketing needed to be designed and a new store roll-out plan devised. We then rolled out a robust digital marketing strategy including social media advertising, community management, informative blog posts, email marketing, and more.

The Cherry On Top

Buon! Per Te™ Ice Cream has been gaining enthusiastic fans on social media as it makes its way to more grocery stores. The brand made its debut appearance in the 2022 Scooper Bowl, which is the nation’s largest ice cream festival. They served up 10,000 scoops of ice cream and had overwhelmingly positive feedback. Email marketing started on a positive note, delivering open rates twice as high as the industry benchmark for new retail brands and click rates three times as high.