Downtown Project

Social Media Strategy, Community Management, Social Media Training

Las Vegas collisions that last longer than a one night stand. Three key establishments in the Downtown Project are the renovated Oasis at Goldspike, Catalyst Creativ, and the Market. The Oasis at Goldspike is a full-service eclectic boutique hotel in downtown Las Vegas. The Market is an Urban grocery store featuring kitchen staples along with prepared grab & go food just steps away from the Fremont Experience. Branded content and daily management of social accounts helped build a community that was lacking. Catalyst Creativ is an experience studio that aids in bringing brands to life. Helping brands in tell their stories and creating inspirational activations and workshops. In addition to brand strategy, sōsh partnered up with Catalyst for one of their major clients.

In conjunction with their in-house teams sōsh was able to build social strategies to reach their business goals.

The Downtown Project was founded in 2012 as a revitalization effort to turn a portion of downtown Las Vegas into a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. The $350 million investment created a co-learning/working space for startups to have serendipitous encounters, that would in turn create brilliance. The Downtown Project currently spans 45 acres east of the famous Fremont Experience. 

Shameless Details

  • Funds startups through VegasTechFund
  • Grew The Market community by 163% in 4 months
  • Inspired by Edward Glaeser's book Triumph of the City
  • Increased The Oasis Organic average engagement by 104% in 4 months