Ensight Partners

Thought-Provoking Branding and Marketing Strategy

Consulting the Coaches—and Beyond!

Ensight Partners is a team of coaches who help other teams become more cohesive and effective. Ensight’s Founder and CEO, Dan Stover, asked sōsh to help bring the company’s branding and marketing to the next level. We started by talking to, well, everyone! Our team conducted one-on-one discovery meetings with each coach at Ensight, and also met with many of Ensight’s clients. The goal here was to uncover the core of who Ensight Partners is, and the real impacts they have on business professionals and teams.

Our team is getting to work to form a thoughtful marketing plan that dives deep into who Ensight is and what they offer their clients.

Growing a Plan

We now have heaps of notes and lots to think about. We are working on disseminating the information and finding common thought patterns shared by those we interviewed. Our team will be helping Ensight Partners better define their value proposition and messaging. We will work with their team to align marketing efforts to grow Ensight as a brand and connect with customers who will benefit from Ensight’s insights.

Let’s Go Deep

  • We had 14+ one-on-one discovery meetings to gather insights about Ensight Partners that will help guide our strategy for them.
  • Sōsh is helping Ensight reach potential customers who may be less open to the idea of coaching.
  • Ensight’s coaches come from all different backgrounds—which helps maximize their collective capabilities to help clients.