Cutting-edge Social Media Strategy

Revving up the Engine

Ferris users pride themselves on showing off their perfectly parallel lawn stripes to other lawn connoisseurs. Harnessing this mowing pattern, sōsh grew a large community of Ferris Fanatics on social—people who were so green with envy when they saw other enthusiasts’ posts that they couldn’t wait to share their own. In addition to a traditional social strategy for Ferris, sōsh developed integrated campaigns, experiential marketing, and a contest app.

Sōsh's work has grown into integrated campaigns, experiential marketing, and contest app development.

Gathering the Clippings

Cultivating and sharing reviews was an important part of the reputation management and marketing strategy for the Ferris team. To gather reputable and reliable reviews, our team focused on getting to know the online community and encouraged them to share their honest thoughts about their Ferris mowers. After gathering reviews, we created an integrated campaign with unique graphics and targeted social advertising to spread fresh-cut takes straight from real lawn-care lovers around the nation.

Mow Through These Facts

  • Ferris boasts the first multi-patented suspension system for the riding lawn mower.
  • We created a comprehensive marketing plan that got their audience excited and engaged.
  • Surprise-and-delight initiative strengthened brand loyalty by 100%.