Firefly Real Estate

Social Campaign Development in the House!

Opening the Door

Sōsh worked with Firefly Real Estate on a short-term social campaign to increase brand awareness. After that, we worked on increasing website traffic to coincide with offline marketing efforts and industry trends. Before implementing the website traffic strategy, sōsh utilized newly developed audience personas and targeting tactics to bring online brand awareness to a larger audience within the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin demographic.

Sōsh developed an online strategy to bring the "For Sale" and "Sold" signs from the front yard to social media.

Closing on Phase Two

Phase two of the short-term social campaign was to piggyback off the brand awareness campaign and take that momentum to the Firefly Real Estate website. The end goal was to increase website traffic year-over-year, and we succeeded in helping them increase it by 60 percent.

Listing the Facts

  • Increased web traffic from social by 60% YOY during length of campaign
  • Increased organic reach 87%
  • Increased organic impressions 82%