Foundation Fighting Blindness

Social Media Strategy, Social Media Advertising, Community Management

#HowEyeSeeIt: Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) is the world's leading charity for advancing research around retinal degenerative diseases (RDD). FFB, sōsh and other creative agencies launched the foundations first ever digital campaign, #HowEyeSeeIt, in 2016.

The #HowEyeSeeIt campaign utilized strategic social media advertising coupled with influencer marketing in order to increase brand awareness across the nation. Sosh developed a carefully timed and thoroughly planned launch strategy which required a day long, all hands on deck style launch across multiple social platforms, news outlets, digital publications, influencer-generated videos, and a Foundation Fighting Blindness website redesign.

This multi-faceted digital campaign sought to increase awareness about RDD and raise crucial funds.

These essential funds aid in the development of highly promising genetic, pharmaceutical, cell-based, and nutritional therapies for vision loss. Over the last 45 years, more than $700 million has been raised by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and has been invested in research and education. This one of a kind digital campaign paved the way for the Foundation Fighting blindness to develop smaller and more frequent digital campaigns each year.

Insightful Details

  • FFB funds over 134 research studies
  • FFB has raised nearly $700 million over the last 43 years
  • #HowEyeSeeIt campaign raised over $120,000