Harley Davidson Museum

Zooming into Social Media Training

Getting Their Team Up to Speed

Harley-Davidson has its own museum devoted to the history that comes with a 100-year-old motorcycle legacy. They needed help managing their social pages—that’s where sōsh came in clutch. The goal was to help their team understand the rules of the road in the social world, and then navigate on their own after we provided the map.

A well-devised strategy along with in-house training of staff built a strong foundation for the museum's social presence.

Riding off into the Sunset

Sōsh worked with the museum’s in-house staff to train them on social media best practices. We also developed a strategy that would be a strong foundation for the museum’s social presence for years to come. With the right tools in hand, the Harley team could now take over driving their social routes.

Rev-Worthy Details

  • Increased monthly impressions by 6.2 million users in 7 months
  • Gave Harley staff a crash course in social media best practices
  • Refueled their social media presence