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Ogle these grill marks. The sōsh team built campaigns from the ground up, while making the best dad jokes and puns ever. From social strategy to on-site activations, our experienced social team handled it all. Sōsh harbors some of the greatest know-how for enjoying one of America's most well-known sausages. Our personal touch built a community of Brand Influencers for one of the largest sausage producing companies in the U.S. The sausage-fanatics were out there. With enthusiastic community management power by sōsh and strategic social ads we were able to find them and grow that relationship.

sh kept this 70 year family legacy intact, while accompanying the internal marketing team and their collaborating agencies through the social world.

If you thought sausages couldn't have a personality and be delicious, you were wrong. After you're done ogling grill marks and looking for grilling techniques on, invite our savvy sōsh team over to show you the best thing that ever happened to backyard cookouts, tailgates, and social.

Grill Marks

  • Started as a butcher shop in 1945 in Johnsonville, WI
  • Expanded monthly total reach by 12.37 million users
  • Delicious sausage recipes handed down from 19th-century Austria
  • 500+ users on average tuned into live video activations