Life is Beautiful

Social Media Strategy, On-site Activations, Content Creation

Conquer your fears and chase your dreams. From branded content to on-site activations sōsh brought the excitement of a live music festival to social. One challenge to overcome was to take a three-day festival and give it that same life online for festival-goers to enjoy year long. So, from the day after the festival, the countdown to the next year began.

Sōsh built a team, no, an extended family, of loyal festival lovers and influencers online.

More than just another music festival, Life Is Beautiful is a movement that inspires. The festival hosts a wide genre of musical performers, culinary demonstrations, artwork and notable speakers. It’s social media needed to bring the spirit of the festival to those who couldn’t be present for the three-day event. Sōsh built a team- no, an extended family - of loyal festival lovers and influencers online. Sōsh’s social strategy let users relive the energetic Life is Beautiful festival from the comfort of their homes and get ready for the next year. In addition to overseeing things day-to-day our ace team consulted on high-level partnerships.

Acoustic Notes

  • Supports local charities, programs, initiatives, and live events throughout the year
  • On-site, live-streamed interactive launch event with Zappos & graffiti artist
  • Features artwork from local and International artists throughout the festival
  • Part of the Insomniac Events family