Medical College of Wisconsin

Social Media Strategy—from Diagnosis to After-Care

Getting the Pulse

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) is a distinguished leader and innovator in education. MCW is the only private medical institution and the second-largest major medical research center in Wisconsin. Our team at sōsh helped them suture together a healthy marketing plan to raise awareness of what they do academically and for the community.

Sōsh’s social strategy, branded content, and daily community management helped bring community awareness about MCW’s capabilities and know-how.

Social Care Plan

We held our sōsh stethoscopes to the heartbeat of MCW’s social. After an in-depth discovery session with MCW, we had a diagnosis. The key to a cohesive content unit would be to consolidate and streamline the multiple MCW department social accounts. This transition occurred seamlessly through a detailed strategy and content plan, along with multi-partner collaboration. Developing a comprehensive digital strategy and plan was step one in a multi-step process, concluding with a smooth transition to the in-house team.

Healthy Details

  • Increased reach 240% year over year
  • Devised digital recruitment strategy
  • MCW has more than 15,000 living alumni