Muk Luks

Social Media Strategy & Advertising, Content Creation, Community Management

Slip into something more comfortable. Equal parts comfort and style, Muk Luks creates an expressive look for individuals through shoes, boots and accessories. Family owned and designed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1972, Muk Luks focuses on celebrating your authentic style with fun patterns that are unmistakably “Muk Luks”.

Sōsh grew the online community through personable conversations as well as building brand influencers.

The skilled sōsh team developed social media strategies to challenge consumer perception that Muk Luks solely focused on keeping cold feet cozy. Sōsh helped Muk Luks transition into being a year-round competitor with a spring and summer collection launch. Together, we utilized social media ads as well as our rapidly growing Brand Influencer base to help launch the Muk Luks spring/summer collection and change the consumer’s perception of Muk Luks. We tapped into the creativity of our brand influencers and showcased their images to give Muk Luks a real life persona that represents a variety of women. Sōsh is proud to be a part of the online, digital and offline growth that you can expect to see with Muk Luks in the coming years.

Cozy Details

  • One-of a kind trims, fabrics, patterns, and prints
  • Muk Luks Slipper Sox were introduced by Reliable Knitting works in 1972
  • Grew the Instagram community by 3000+ followers in 3 months
  • Celebrates authentic style, colorful adventures, and innovative creativity