Muk Luks

Stepping Up Social Media Content

Getting the Right Sizing

Family-owned and designed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1972, Muk Luks specializes in footwear that is equally comfy and cool. Muk Luks came to sōsh looking to kick up their messaging. Customers have known Muk Luks for its comfy, warm boots and slippers. Muk Luks wanted to launch a spring and summer collection to broaden their reach and become a brand that serves customers all year long.

Sōsh grew the online community through personable conversations and building brand influencers.

Slipping Into a New Strategy

Our skilled sōsh team developed social media strategies to challenge consumer perception that Muk Luks solely focused on keeping cold feet cozy. Sōsh helped Muk Luks transition into being a year-round competitor with a spring and summer collection launch. We used social media ads and our rapidly growing brand influencer base to help launch the Muk Luks spring/summer collection and change consumers’ perceptions of Muk Luks.

The team tapped into the creativity of our brand influencers and showcased their images to give Muk Luks a real-life persona that represents a variety of people. We were proud to be part of Muk Luks’ online, digital, and offline growth.

Facts to Walk Through

  • Grew the Instagram community by 3000+ followers in 3 months
  • Helped launch Muk Luks’ spring and summer collection
  • Got Muk Luks’ audience thinking about Muk Luks year-round