NextDoor Foundation

Educating the Masses on Social Media

Schooling the Kids about TikTok

Sōsh was brought in to develop and launch a TikTok strategy for Next Door Foundation, an early childhood education center. The plan included content development and production, posting, and reporting. Our marketing goals were to increase awareness of core pillars, educate local families about the benefits of Next Door programs, encourage event attendance & service utilization, and extend the educational benefits received at school into the home.

The main target audience is families of enrolled children in the Milwaukee community with secondary audiences including children ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years of age, individuals typically living at or below the state poverty line, and children who may have special developmental needs. Our ultimate objective was to create a TikTok strategy that included creating the TikTok account, developing the strategy for content creation and posting, and growing the account to reach the target audiences.

We worked with the educators at Next Door Foundation to two-step our way into some great content.

Educators Turned TikTok Stars

We worked with a large group of educators and staff at both of the Next Door locations to understand how to best communicate the programs and services Next Door has to offer the community. Once we narrowed in on what we wanted to talk about in our TikTok messaging we enlisted these same educators and staff to star in the TikTok videos. We found that the best way to get our messages out to the community was to hear it from the faces they see and talk to at Next Door itself.

Can you dance to these facts?

  • We achieved 11,101 video views in 3 months from May - August of 2023
  • We created over 125 TikTok videos highlighting the key topics of behavioral health practices & behavioral development skills, community resources, literacy at home, spotlight learning content, events & services, and reinforcement techniques for parents.
  • We achieved 16,320 impressions in 3 months from May - August of 2023