Social Media Strategy, Social Media Advertising, Community Management

Slice slice baby. Just as Palermo's is committed to making delicious pizzas, we are committed to developing and executing a social media strategy that takes their consumers through the marketing funnel from brand awareness to purchase and through to advocacy. This isn't just another pizza company, this is la famiglia. Sōsh helps find consumers who enjoyed Palermo’s and turned them into brand influencers who would advocate for the brand on social. Over time sosh guides the community to find the perfect pizza in a store near them, and found pizza lovers, who haven’t tried Palermo’s, through targeted social advertising.

Our team immersed themselves into Palermo's with integrated brand campaigns and a personal touch when it came to community care.

Palermo's pizza started out on Milwaukee's East side as an Italian bakery in 1964. This Italian bakery expanded to a pizzeria and restaurant, and now it's Milwaukee's favorite frozen pizza! This pizza empire is all grown up and is now distributed throughout the Midwest and in several Southeastern states. Palermo's was built on uniting and serving others. Whether it's making delicious frozen pizza or giving back to the community, they are committed 100%.

Cheesy Details

  • Social community size doubled in 11 months
  • Started as an Italian bakery in 1964, but started selling frozen pizzas in 1979
  • Sponsors many Midwest collegiate and professional sports teams
  • Packaging is made from sustainable materials