Deliciously Connected Social Media Strategy

Rising the Crust

Between making delicious frozen pizza and giving back to the community, Palermo’s is committed to uniting and serving others. Sōsh is committed to developing and executing a social media strategy that takes customers through a journey from brand awareness to purchase—and even advocacy. Palermo’s asked for sōsh’s help to reach more potential customers. We formed a strategy based on connecting with existing customers who were already huge fans of Palermo’s pies.

Our team immersed ourselves in the Palermo's community with integrated brand campaigns and a personal touch in community care.

Slicing a Strategy

Sōsh worked to find current consumers who enjoyed Palermo’s and guided them to become brand ambassadors who would advocate for the brand on social. Through targeted social advertising sōsh also found pizza lovers who hadn’t yet tried Palermo’s. We connected ambassadors with potential customers, then guided the community to find the perfect Palermo’s pizza in a store near them. The social community grew, along with their appetites for pizza!

Extra Toppings

  • Social community size doubled in 11 months
  • We helped connect Palermo’s to its community of pizza lovers
  • Palermo’s started as an Italian bakery in 1964 and started selling frozen pizzas in 1979