Perl Inc.

Brand Development and Website Design for a Family of Brands

Getting the Perl Rolling

Sōsh worked with the Perl family to unite their family of different businesses under one umbrella. We walked through their facilities in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, then formed strategies to develop their brand identity and build their website.

Perl Inc.’s eclectic assortment of businesses called for a simple, streamlined brand identity and website.

A Shiny New Brand and Website

We explored different name options for their company, and ultimately kept it simple: Perl Inc. In line with that idea, we also developed a simple and snappy logo. Finally, we planned and created a website that showcases all the brands in the Perl Inc. family.

Rounding out the Facts

  • Perl Inc. is the parent company of SparkOps—another brand we helped develop.
  • Sōsh has helped Perl Inc. conceptualize branding and marketing ideas for 6 of their brands, including their CBD cannabis facility, metal fabrication shop, and design-to-print company.