Social Media Strategy, Brand Influencer Program, Community Management

Move over boring buns, Pretzels bake their way into meal time. Our sōsh team created a social media strategy that included, finding and cultivating brand ambassadors, a highly targeted ad strategy, as well as developing an online persona to build and grow the community. This all encompassing social strategy built a community around the love of a delicious, vegan, and nut-free product. Our design and branded content made even the most skeptical bun enthusiast believers in the almighty pretzel bun.

With hyper focused outreach and social media ads, we tapped niche groups looking for a quality product.

Pretzilla is a family-owned bakery in Milwaukee, WI, that craft bakes soft pretzel buns and snacks with the tasty mission of opening a whole new world of delicious to pretzel-lovers everywhere. These delicious treats are reminiscent of childhood sporting events, while paving new traditions in the bakery business.

Bun Appetit

  • Produced in a family-owned bakery from Milwaukee, WI
  • Built relationships with influential Instagram users and specialized Mom groups
  • Made for adventurous, quirky, food-loving people
  • Increased community size 221% in 6 months