Social Media Strategy, Brand Influencer Program, Community Management

Pretzels bake their way into meal time. Our sōsh team helped cultivate a group of foodies who love Pretzilla. A strong social strategy built a community around the love of a delicious, vegan, and nut-free product. Our design and branded content made even the most skeptical bun enthusiast believers in the almighty pretzel bun.

With hyper focused outreach, we tapped niche groups looking for a quality product.

This family-owned bakery in Milwaukee, WI, craft bakes soft pretzel buns and snacks with the tasty mission of opening a whole new world of delicious to pretzel-lovers everywhere. These delicious treats are reminiscent of childhood sporting events, while paving new traditions in the bakery business.

Bun Appetit

  • Produced in a family-owned bakery from Milwaukee, WI
  • Built relationships with influential Instagram users and specialized Mom groups
  • Made for adventurous, quirky, food-loving people
  • Increased community size 221% in 6 months