Rabbit Hole Distillery

Proof of Legacy: Sōsh's Vision for Zamanian Heritage and Rabbit Hole Distillery

Spirited Love Affairs: Marriage to Mash Bills

Kaveh Zamanian's journey began with love when he fell for his wife, Heather, igniting a passion for America's native spirit. Leaving a successful career, Kaveh founded Rabbit Hole in Kentucky, determined to redefine American spirits. Dissatisfied with the bourbon landscape, he delved into its intricacies, crafting modern, unique whiskeys that challenge conventions. Opting for authenticity, Kaveh created his own recipes, infusing heritage techniques with innovation. In a market dominated by a handful of recipes, Rabbit Hole stands out, inspiring bourbon enthusiasts to question the norm. Beyond crafting exceptional whiskey, we're forging a legacy together.

Distilling Destiny

Creation is personal; it's the driving force behind our civilization's progress. It fuels our hopes, dreams, and cultural potential, unveiling our true purpose when embraced fully. Ours, quite simply, was to craft whiskey. A century ago, Kentucky teemed with creativity in bourbon making. Yet, through Prohibition and consolidation, much was lost. Today, the industry relies on a few distillers, recycling old recipes under new names—an open secret. We take a different approach, honoring the past by restoring creativity to our craft. We open the doors wide, letting variety reign, nurturing grains, exploring new flavors, and carefully aging our distillate at every step. Rabbit Hole is more than a distillery; it's a state of mind, a sincere calling. It beckons us to seek more, explore, and make the leap into our destiny. Our commitment to amplifying creative voices extends beyond whiskey—celebrating makers everywhere. So, find your passion, go all in, because destiny is a choice, and once you decide to jump in, there's no going back.

In the amber-hued symphony of spirits, Sosh orchestrated a legacy, blending the Zamanian family name with the notes of Rabbit Hole Distillery. With each pour, he crafted not just whiskey but a melodic tale of tradition, innovation, and enduring legacy. Sosh's goal was more than raising awareness; it was a spirited journey, where every sip resonated with the echoes of a timeless legacy, leaving an indelible mark on the whiskey industry's rich tapestry.

Cask-ing in on Brilliance

Sōsh embarked on a mission to elevate the Zamanian family name and establish Rabbit Hole Distillery as a formidable presence in the whiskey industry. With unwavering determination, Sōsh aimed not only to craft exceptional spirits but also to weave a legacy that would resonate through generations. Through innovative marketing strategies and a commitment to quality, Sōsh sought to raise awareness for the Zamanian legacy, ensuring that the Rabbit Hole Distillery became synonymous with excellence in the world of whiskey. This visionary pursuit was not just about creating exceptional spirits; it was about building a brand that would stand the test of time, leaving an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of the whiskey industry.

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