Roehl Transport

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10-44: Experienced truckers coming in hot.. Roehl Transport provides professional opportunities for truck drivers who are looking for a long-lasting career with a forward-thinking, driver-oriented partner company. Our experienced team cultivated an online community, for a group of drivers, that allows them to experience the sense of family while on the road.

Sōsh has built trust and relationships through social community management.

Roehl Transport is one of the largest trucking companies in America. This American Trucking company is based in Marshfield, WI and is ranked as one of the top 60 trucking companies in the United States.

Traversing Details

  • Grew community size by 750%
  • Ranked in the top 60 trucking companies in the USA by CCJ Magazine
  • Company tagline is "Take Home More, Be Home More"
  • Owns over 2,000 tractor trailers and 5,000 trailers