Shorewest Realtors

Ad Strategy Unlocking Real Estate Stories: with a Splash of Midwest Charm!

Beyond Curb Appeal

Shorewest, Wisconsin's largest home seller, is family-owned and dedicated to Wisconsin families’ housing needs. We worked on staging an eye-catching ad strategy for them to connect with local customers.

This initiative aimed to experiment with social media strategies, voices, content, and tactics to provide recommendations on the most effective methods Shorewest could employ to optimize its social media channels for achieving its business goals. Our team delivered diverse content types, varied posting frequencies, and experimented with different levels of advertising support.

The overarching goals included determining an effective voice for their audience, identifying the most efficient targets, pinpointing the optimal frequency for posts, and establishing the best day and time for publishing content. Through this retrospective exploration, the initiative sought valuable insights to enhance Shorewest's social media approach and overall business impact.

We mapped the strategy from landscape analysis to ad fine-tuning. A month-long creative build crafted a dynamic online presence with engaging content and compelling ads. The finishing touch? A blueprint for sustained social media success!

Key Moves

Phase I commenced with an onsite discovery session, where a thorough examination of the existing landscape, social media goals, and key performance indicators (KPIs) took place. Following this, we crafted a comprehensive social strategy presentation outlining the roadmap for success. Discussions delved into the ad strategy and budget considerations, fine-tuning the approach for maximum impact. We developed a content calendar guide with a structured plan for content dissemination. Finally, we presented initial content for review—setting a strong foundation for a strategic and cohesive social media journey.

In Phase II, our collaborative journey unfolded with one month dedicated to creating and managing engaging social content to shape a dynamic online presence. We simultaneously delved into social ads, crafting compelling content, strategically placing it, and adeptly managing the campaign for optimal impact. We closed with the final strategy and plan—a culmination of insights gained from the immersive content and ad management experiences. This phase marked a pivotal moment in our partnership, laying the groundwork for the continued success and evolution of Shorewest’s social media strategy.

List it Like it's Hot

  • Exceeded our social media reach goals by 44.56%
  • Exceeded our social media engagement goals by 48.45%
  • Averaged 432.4K impressions per month
  • Averaged 11K engagements per month