Growing a Fresh Social Media Strategy

Doing the Groundwork

Those who are serious about their lawns are *serious* about their lawns. The Simplicity lawn equipment company respects that, and wants the legacy of lawncare to continue. This 100+ year-old company sought to reach new waves of homeowners—so they asked sōsh for help cultivating a marketing plan.

Our social influencer cultivation has proven that social media has growing power.

New Strategy, New Lawn Enthusiasts

Our team mowed ahead with meticulously designing branded content and social ads to freshen up Simplicity’s messaging for a new crowd of customers. We developed a data-driven social strategy, integrated campaigns, and experiential on-site activations. Together we helped grow a passionate pack of new Simplicity owners.

Trimmed-Down Facts

  • Expanded Average Reach by 1787%
  • We helped drive Simplicity mowers into a new wave of homeowners’ garages.
  • This baby brings ballpark-style striping to home lawns.