Brand Development for a Metal Fabrication Company

Talking Shop

A metal fabrication company looked to sōsh for help with developing their brand. We worked with them to take it to new heights by rebranding, developing a new website, and forming a content marketing strategy.

Sōsh built SparkOps a new and improved website to offer a streamlined view of the company’s capabilities and expertise.

Nuts and Bolts

The fabrication shop didn’t feel their company's current branding fully captured who they are or what they do. They asked for sōsh’s assistance with establishing a new name and brand identity. They also wanted to take the company to the next level by building awareness, reputation, and trust within the metal fabrication industry.

Sparking Solutions

Sōsh came up with a number of name ideas, and “SparkOps” was selected — reflecting the idea of sparking innovative opportunities in metal fabrication. We designed a logo to go with their new name and developed a website to showcase their services and know-how. Sōsh is currently developing a marketing strategy, which will include informative content marketing to help build up their reputation as an industry expert.

Fiery Results

The new SparkOps website and branding efforts are off to a red-hot start. Their fabrication team has delivered proven solutions, and we’re getting the word out there to bring SparkOps from being a hidden gem to an industry leader.