Strauss Brands

Social Impact Strategy, Advertising, Brand Advocate Development, Campaign Development, & Email Marketing

Hear that sound? It’s the sizzling song of a steak on the grill that you can feel great about serving your family. Strauss Meats is a leader in providing families with ethical beef, lamb, and veal options that are sustainably and humanely raised and oh-so-delicious. Sōsh turned up the heat on the brand’s marketing efforts, simmering together a blend of social media and email marketing with a pinch of blog curation and garnished with brand advocate development.

Inspiring people to buy grass fed beef that is better for them, better for the animals, and better for the earth.

While highly regarded within the restaurant industry and among their current customers, Strauss’ family-owned business aspired to a higher goal: to educate consumers on the benefits of purchasing American-raised grass fed, grass finished beef over imported options. Sōsh concocted a recipe for achieving Strauss’ goal. The #1LBchallenge campaign mixed social media, email marketing, website design consulting, blog curation, and media outreach.

Searing Facts

  • Exceeded 4.54 million social media impressions and drove over 20,600 visits to in the first year of working together
  • Over 56% of the pageviews driven from social media to that year landed on Strauss’ “Where to Buy” page
  • First phase of the #1LBchallenge campaign garnered over 2 million impressions and almost 9,000 pageviews on over 6 weeks