Social media strategy & advertising, Community management, Web design

Everyone remembers the SNL skit with Jimmy Fallon, “Your Company’s IT Guy,” right? Well, that guy doesn’t work for SWICKtech. That’s because customer service is at the heart of everything they do at SWICKtech. Whether your company is in need of an IT service provider or someone to help you figure out how to leverage the right technology to reach your business goals, the folks at SWICKtech will help you get it done. Building lasting relationships is at the core of what they do. Well, that and a bunch of passionate- but friendly- IT nerds. (We can only say that because we’re nerds too 🤓)

Capture your business’ potential to grow by embracing evolving technology and an IT partner who truly cares about your success.

With new industrial bigshots moving into Southeast Wisconsin (you know who we’re talking about), a new world of opportunity is opening up to IT companies in the state. These global giants operate on high-tech infrastructures, and the local companies who want to do business with them are going to have to be able to plug-and-play. That meant a lot of Wisconsin companies were going to need some major IT overhauls in the near future, and SWICKtech wanted to make sure to get the word out- they’re different from other IT companies. Sosh worked with SWICKtech to bring their brand voice, core values and beliefs, and industry expertise to the digital space through social media advertising and updating their web design.

Data Points

  • Impressions on social media content exceeded 752.6K in the first four months.
  • Reached important Business Decision Makers at target companies on a consistent basis.
  • Over 30% of web sessions from within the state of Wisconsin, SWICKtech’s target market, originated from social content.