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All-encompassing marketing plan for an all-encompassing AI software

ThisWay to a stellar marketing plan

Disrupting a 470 billion dollar market is no small task. ThisWay’s goal is to help both businesses and candidates and to focus on removing bias and increasing diversity—another monumental challenge. Thanks to the efforts of more than 150 engineers and product influencers from HR tech and automated intelligence industries, ThisWay has developed transformational technology proven to find qualified candidates from a proprietary, diverse network of 8,500+ online communities. To meet this extraordinary challenge ThisWay needed an elite team of diverse engineers, product experts, and a sales and marketing team that understood what HR leaders and candidates needed most.

Content Clusters and Strategy Phases and Lead Generation, Oh My!

Applying for the Job / Hiring sōsh

Approaching this strategy was like taming a beast. We pulled out all the stops and developed a strategy so in-depth that we had to create a road map for *ourselves* to find our way through it! We broke this bad boy down into two separate phases, with phase two building upon phase one.

Part One: Introductory Interview

Phase one focused on beginning to build out organic content for web, social, and email while focusing any paid efforts on capturing low-hanging fruit. These included remarketing ads to keep top-of-mind and stimulate interest—both among those who had already visited the ThisWay Global website and those who were using high-intent search queries related to talent acquisition, hiring, and corporate diversity. It also focused on preparing the necessary assets to structure the web content for inbound marketing automation. This phase took over 6 months to fully complete.

Part Two: Interview with the Boss

Phase two began with executing the inbound marketing automation, rolling it out by content cluster starting with the most important target audience. Phase 2 was our longest phase. A few months into this phase—once automation was completed for at least two of the content clusters we had created—we recommended capturing new traffic by deploying paid display advertising.

Part Three: Get the Position

Our team implemented most of the strategy we initially developed with a few additional pieces. We successfully created a number of brand elements, creative pieces, and worked with the ThisWay team to write several blogs and white papers—creating a great foundation for their marketing team to step in and take over the process.

You Don’t Need an AI Hiring Software to Know You Should Hire Us

  • Sōsh is a fully remote, employee-run company with an extremely flexible team that caters to whatever your needs are!
  • We’ve developed and delivered hundreds of strategies over our 25 years in business, spanning across all verticals and industries.
  • Fun fact about ThisWay’s software…30-min Integration process instead of 6 months, and 300+ candidates within seconds, from a diverse set of 8,500 groups.