Visa Lighting

Spotlight on Social Media and Content Strategy

Lighting up B2B Marketing

Visa Lighting manufactures environmentally friendly lighting solutions for healthcare and educational facilities. They needed an innovative marketing plan to match their innovative products. Sōsh came in to light the way!

Social media coaching and strategy lit a path forward for their in-house team.

Illuminating a New Social Strategy

Visa Lighting came to sōsh with the goal of showcasing their work in a new medium. After a deep dive into their social accounts, we helped them create newly branded content and social ads. We also conducted social media coaching with their team—passing the torch (or, lightbulb) to them!

Shedding More Light

  • Tripled Impressions in 6 months
  • Tripled Reach in 6 months
  • Lit the way for Visa Lighting’s team to manage their social media pages